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Contact, Support & Feedback

The most convenient method to contact me is writing me a mail at info@stevencolling.com. You can also join my Discord Server or hit me directly up via Discord (Steven#1915). If it's easier for you, you can also hit me up on social media, the profiles are linked at the bottom of the page. Don't hesitate, just write me!

Video Games

My games have dedicated sites with their own support section. So if you have a question specific to one game, please check there first: Brushwood Buddies, Orcish Inn.

Do you have a Press Kit?

Yes, right here!

Can I show or stream your games and monetize it?

You are allowed to show and stream my games on platforms like YouTube and Twitch (and similar) and monetize your videos and streams via the platform, i.e. ads and donations.

I found a bug, the game doesn't work and/or I have an idea!

Please check the game's Steam forums if there is already an open thread about it. If not, write me a mail at info@stevencolling.com and I have a look! Bugs and crashes suck, I don't like them too! :-)

Can I get a refund?

That depends on the store you bought the game on, as they are handling the customer interaction. For most of these platforms I can't even manually refund the game, except if I sell the game on itch.io. Please refer to the store's refund policy or in case of itch.io, let me know via mail!

Will the game be available on Linux, Mac, insert platform here?

I'm not interested in distributing my games on Linux or Mac, as it's sadly not worth the effort, as harsh as that may sound. Especially as a solo developer, I have to be very picky in regard on what I spend my time. I don't want to outsource it either. Porting to other platforms like consoles is always on my list and I'm very interested in this, but depends on the project and my current situation. In that regard, I would collaborate with other companies probably.

Can I get a free key of your game for my website, channel, Steam Curator etc.?

If you are a creator on YouTube or Twitch, or if you have a website or blog reviewing games, please hit me up via mail and don't forget to send me the link to your channel or website. For Steam curators it depends, as I'm not interested in working with key giveaway groups.

Do you want to participate in a giveaway?

I'm not interested in participating in key giveaways with my games.

Do you want to participate in a bundle?

I'm also not interested in participating in bundles, at all.

Do you need help with audio, like music or sound effects?

In general not, but I can put you on my evergrowing list of musicians and sound designers, just hit me up via mail. Let's see what the future brings!

Do you need help with localization?

It really depends on the game, its state and my plans with it, and I try to make localization via modding as easy as possible. If you are a professional translator, please write me, maybe I need your help in the future!

Do you want to collaborate on a project or game jam?

Rather not, but why not hit me up on Discord and we have a chat about it?

Do you need help with programming or anything else? Do you hire people?

No, sorry. :(

Do you want to work with a publisher?

Not really, but you can try to convince me if you want to give it a shot!

Can I ask you something about working as an indie game developer?

Illustration Work & Asset Packs

What do you use for drawing?

I'm using a Wacom Intuos Pro M drawing tablet and the painting software Krita.

Do you freelance and take up commissions?

Yes, from time to time I do! When I do, I prefer to work on really small projects which fit my art style; I don't like creating the whole art of a project or freelance for multiple weeks or months at all though! The type of project doesn't matter, be it a video game, board game, tabletop rpg or a piece of software or website, as long as it is not sexual, gross or questionable in nature (not judging, just not my jam!). Let's have a chat about your project via mail!

Do you work for free?

What's your rate?

My price as an illustrator is very specific to the project and my current situation, so let's rather discuss that via mail! :)

Mailing List

What is your Mailing List about?

The Mailing List is for announcing new projects, updates and patches as well as when one of my products is on sale. There will be discounts, especially for the release of new products, exclusive to subscribers, but I can't give a guarantee that this will happen with every single product, mostly as it depends on which store the product is released. In the past, I sent exclusive discounts for the release of most of my asset packs.
Sporadically, I write about projects I'm working on and keeping you up-to-date with what happens behind the scenes. In rarer cases, I recommend things I found (mostly indie games), which I enjoyed and want to share with you. I have no intentions to advertise sponsored products and if I do under special circumstances, it is clearly communicated to you. This includes recommending products of colleagues and friends, which I will clearly disclose.

Can I unsubscribe?

Any time, by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail you received. If you have problems and need assistance, write me!

How often do you send mails on the Mailing List?

There is no set schedule. It can be once a month, or once a week, depending on what is happening. During the release of a big project, there will be more mails of course, maybe even multiple ones in a week, because there's obviously much more interesting stuff to share! In special and rare cases, I will send follow-up mails if I messed something up.

Can I get past exclusive discounts?

Sadly no!

What exclusive discounts have you made available to subscribers in the past?

Didn't find any answer?

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