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Orcish Inn is a farming, survival and tavern simulation game in which you raise crops, brew beer and build a tavern for your orcish guests!


Orcish inn is a tavern simulation game in which you take the role of an innkeeper starting out in unsettled lands. You gather resources, farm all sorts of crops like hops and oat, brew your own beers, construct a tavern piece by piece and welcome various orcish clans to your very own place. The game interweaves aspects of management and simulation with those of survival and exploration.

  • FARMING: Plant and harvest various types of crops like hops, oat, sugar-beets, tomatoes and many more, which are then sold, eaten or used as beer flavor.
  • BREWING: Brew your own types of beer and influence your guests by defining the beers' taste, tint brightness, full body, bitterness, alcoholic strength and flavor.
  • PRODUCING: Gather and process resources, like chopping trees for logs and process them into lumber planks and decorative planks spent in building and crafting.
  • CONSTRUCTING: Construct buildings like brewing facilities, taverns or dorm rooms by putting down walls and floors and decorate the created rooms with crafted furniture.
  • SERVING: Serve the visiting orcish clans by fulfilling their wishes, fine-tune prices or the beer's taste or risk getting battered in a huge pub brawl.
  • AND MORE: Raise and breed animals like pigeons, which swirl around and bring back useful items, or wrest valuable treasures from the ocean with your fishing rod.

Fact Sheet

Title: Orcish Inn

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Survival, Farming

Developer & Publisher: Steven Colling

Additional Credits: Sounds and music by headchant

Release Date: -

Price: Free (Pre-Alpha/Demo)

Development State: Pre-Alpha/Demo, work discontinued

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux

System Requirements: Dual Core CPU processor, 1 GB RAM, graphics card with 128 MB Video Memory and Shader Model 2.0+ or OpenGL 3.0+ support, DirectX Version 9.0c, 700 MB available storage space

Stores: Steam, itch.io

Links: Community, Forums, Subreddit, Wiki

Help & Frequently Asked Questions


I'm not working actively on Orcish Inn anymore, so in regard to bugs and crashes, please check the Orcish Inn Steam forums for a solution first and post issues afterwards there; I'm still reading and, if necessary, writing in that forum if someone needs help! If you have ideas or feedback, please post them there too. Like I said, I still keep an eye on the community!

General Questions

Can I show or stream your games and monetize it?

You are allowed to show and stream my games on platforms like YouTube and Twitch (and similar) and monetize your videos and streams via the platform, i.e. ads and donations.

I found a bug, the game doesn't work and/or I have an idea!

Please check the game's Steam forums if there is already an open thread about it. If not, write me a mail at info@stevencolling.com and I have a look! Bugs and crashes suck, I don't like them too! :-)

Can I get a refund?

That depends on the store you bought the game on, as they are handling the customer interaction. For most of these platforms I can't even manually refund the game, except if I sell the game on itch.io. Please refer to the store's refund policy or in case of itch.io, let me know via mail!

Will the game be available on Linux, Mac, insert platform here?

I'm not interested in distributing my games on Linux or Mac, as it's sadly not worth the effort, as harsh as that may sound. Especially as a solo developer, I have to be very picky in regard on what I spend my time. I don't want to outsource it either. Porting to other platforms like consoles is always on my list and I'm very interested in this, but depends on the project and my current situation. In that regard, I would collaborate with other companies probably.

Can I get a free key of your game for my website, channel, Steam Curator etc.?

If you are a creator on YouTube or Twitch, or if you have a website or blog reviewing games, please hit me up via mail and don't forget to send me the link to your channel or website. For Steam curators it depends, as I'm not interested in working with key giveaway groups.

Do you want to participate in a giveaway?

I'm not interested in participating in key giveaways with my games.

Do you want to participate in a bundle?

I'm also not interested in participating in bundles, at all.

Do you need help with audio, like music or sound effects?

In general not, but I can put you on my evergrowing list of musicians and sound designers, just hit me up via mail. Let's see what the future brings!

Do you need help with localization?

It really depends on the game, its state and my plans with it, and I try to make localization via modding as easy as possible. If you are a professional translator, please write me, maybe I need your help in the future!

Do you want to collaborate on a project or game jam?

Rather not, but why not hit me up on Discord and we have a chat about it?

Do you need help with programming or anything else? Do you hire people?

No, sorry. :(

Do you want to work with a publisher?

Not really, but you can try to convince me if you want to give it a shot!

Can I ask you something about working as an indie game developer?

Questions regarding Orcish Inn

Why don't you work on Orcish Inn anymore?

I experienced a harsh burnout from working on it and I'm still recovering from that. My goal is to pick up game development again soon, but I likely won't continue work on Orcish Inn for two reasons. First, I fear that I repeat the burnout again when working on the same project which triggered the burnout. Second, my drawing skills evolved a lot since when I created the pixel art for Orcish Inn, so I would rather apply my new comic style to new projects.

When is Orcish Inn going to be released?

Maybe at some point, maybe as a remake, maybe never! Please refer to the question "Why don't you work on Orcish Inn anymore?" for more information.

Why is Orcish Inn free?

Because it's in an unfinished state and I'm not working on it anymore.

Press Kit

Orcish Inn's development started in April 2014 and continued to around 2016. After experiencing a burnout, I stopped work completely and refocused on freelancing as an illustrator and the creation of asset packs, with the intent to come back to game development (but likely not Orcish Inn) in the near future. For more information, please check the Fact Sheet and the FAQ above.

For the press kit regarding me as a developer, please refer here.

Logos, screenshots and feature art of Orcish Inn for press and reviewers is available for download (7 MB).


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