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Hey! My name is Steven Colling and I'm a solo game developer and illustrator from a small town in Germany, working in indie game development since 2014. That on the left is my mascot and he pretty much resembles my daily inner mood!

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Hu-hu-heh! What sounds do horses make in text? I don't know! But what I know is, that Steven sometimes takes up small illustration jobs for indie games, tabletop rpgs and board games! So if you want to work together, hit him up!

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Shhh! If you are more interested in my projects, I've got a c o o l Mailing List to join, where I regularly post about the stuff I'm working on and in case I'm releasing something, there's sometimes even an exclusive discount to grab!

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Go join my Mailing List! That's it!

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Jokes and horses aside, I dived directly into solo game development after studying computer science and released a small game called The LootCastle in 2014 you won't find anywhere anymore and participated regularly in game jams like Ludum Dare. Around 2015 I started work on a tavern simulation called Orcish Inn, on which I worked several years until a burnout got the better of me. I churned out a small puzzle game called Brushwood Buddies, but that made everything worse!

After some reconsideration, I changed my approach to both work and life and in the last years found my flow again in being creative. I started to draw a lot, creating asset packs for other creators to use in their work, taking on little illustration freelancing jobs and hopefully soon I'm getting back to game de­vel­op­ment once again!

If you feel overwhelmed with creative work too, please be aware of the first signs of burnout. Maybe you even heard about Take This, an organization I have no affiliation with, which raises awareness for mental health in the gaming and game development community and offers support for those in need.

Let's see what the future brings!



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