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Please be aware, that my asset packs can be bought from various places, with some having their own way of licensing my packs. The asset packs sold through itch.io have the broadest licensing, allowing you to use them in an unlimited amount of private and commercial projects. If you bought an asset pack on another store and that store's licensing is too restrictive for you, reach out to me so I can give you access to the files on itch.io. Subscribe to my Mailing List to get notified about discounts, sometimes even exclusive to the mailing list!

Isle of Lore 2: Hex Tiles

A set of hex tiles, icons and overlays to create stunning fantasy maps for your video games, tabletop RPGs or print projects, be it a commercial endeavour or just to spice up your pen and paper roleplay campaign! More…

Release 26. Nov 2019

Isle of Lore 2: Strategy Figures

A pack full of figures and compositions, spanning villagers, workers, fighters, monsters, animals and vehicles, ready for your strategy video game or tabletop RPG. More…

Release 08. Feb 2020

Isle of Lore 2: RPG Item Icons

A collection for item icons, spanning ressources, tools, weapons, food and more! More…

Release 22. Nov 2023

Isle of Lore 2: Status Icons

Keep track of buffs and debuffs of your characters in your video game project or tabletop RPG session, be it virtual or printed out on paper. More…

Release 01. Mar 2020

Isle of Lore 2: Terrain Icons

Cute icons to mark terrain and biome types in your video game or tabletop RPG project. The pack's creation was sponsored by Steve Wright, a tabletop RPG creator. More…

Release 01. Jan 2020

Color Mapper

A free tool to assemble images and re-color them. Used in my asset packs to allow people to change the colors of the image files automatically. More…

Release 21. Jun 2023

Tile Builder

A free tool to edit and export tile data files to image files in batch. Used in my hex tile sets to automate tile generation. More…

Release 21. Jun 2023

Honeyblot Caps (Font)

A cute font based on my handwriting. More…

Release 28. Oct 2021

Honey Pigeon (Font)

A clean and unobtrusive sans-serif font. More…

Release 25. Nov 2022

Image Clipboard

A piece of software to assemble images like hex tiles in programs like Photoshop or Krita. It acts as a configurable palette sampling your images right to the clipboard. More…

Release 26. Jan 2021

Isle of Lore: Hex Tiles

Isometric hex tiles, overlays and location icons to craft maps for your video or tabletop RPG game, in a vibrant red color. The itch.io version includes a basic island generator, too! More…

Release 11. Sep 2019

Inked Adventure Items

A collection of hand-drawn items suitable for your commercial action adventures, roguelikes or role-playing, survival and crafting-related games, in different styles. More…

Release 23. Mar 2019

16x16 Dungeon Crawl Assets

Trichromatic pixel art monsters, tiles and items: create your own action adventure or roguelike dungeon crawler! Best for prototyping and game jamming. More…

Release 23. Nov 2016

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