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Steven Colling


Hey there!

My name is Steven Colling. I'm 27 years old and from a small town in Germany. I work as an independent (solo) game developer who makes games of various sizes and sells them over the internet, for example on STEAM. I do mostly everything on my own, like game design, programming, graphics, audio and publishing, which includes marketing/PR, community management, webdesign and more.

Current Projects

My main project is Orcish Inn, the orc tavern simulation game in which you farm crops, brew beer, create your own tavern and serve the incoming orcish guests. It's in a free pre-alpha, so go and try it out! Besides that I made Brushwood Buddies, an unusual puzzle game about crafting items. Its release date is the 18th February 2016.

Orcish Inn Brushwood Buddies

For updates, you can follow my blog on Patreon without pledging money. If you are a press human or Let's Player who makes game stuff, feel free to get in contact, so I can put you on a mailing list for my press releases.

Why do I work alone? (mostly)

For two reasons. At first, it's hard to make money with indie games. I'm not able to compete with big studios and their marketing budgets. As a consequence, my tactic is to make every sale as valuable as possible, and one way to do this, is cutting away shares. While I sometimes collaborate with others, working with another person won't make the game completed twice as fast (game design and aesthetics develop over time!) nor will the resulting game be twice as expensive or sell twice as much.

Secondly, and more important, I really enjoy all the disciplines involved. There are so many game designers, programmers, artists (etc.) on this planet which are far, far more talented and productive. I chose this job because there is nothing more fulfilling (and sadly addicting) as to create something on your own, and working alone allows one to keep a vision clear through every part of the creation process.

When projects are too big (for example Orcish Inn), I ask someone to take over a part though, like sound effects and music.